Mini course Find your Calling

Stuck in life?

Are you feeling depressed when Sunday is coming to an end and Monday is luring?


Oh dear, do I know how you feel.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Obviously, the job that you have is a good one. It pays the bills, it’s stable. But it’s killing you inside.

It doesn’t give you joy;

it doesn’t allow you to make a difference;

and you just don’t like it.

It kind of feels like God has something else for you in store. Something that fits your personality and qualities better. But you have NO IDEA what it would be.

There is something in life that you can contribute to in order to work for and in His Kingdom.

(—and what you’re doing right now is not that. You’re aware of that).

It’s itching.
It’s trying to find its way out.
God is calling you to make a change.
To invite you into your calling and start enjoying working and living (for Him).

…Using your talents and skills in a field of your interest.
…Feeling energized.
…Knowing you’re working for the Kingdom.

You should want that! You should embrace the beauty God has put inside you. You owe it to Him to live your calling.


Born to Fly

So… Curious about your God-given calling in life?
I love to help you discover it with this 5-week program.

The Program: How to Find your Calling

5 weeks of diving deep with the Bible as your foundation. I’ll guide you, while you work your way through a couple of exercises.

What will you learn?

5 chapters will navigate you through some core principles that form the foundation of your journey. All of this is written from a believer-perspective.

And to make things easy, there’s a clear eagle framework to show which aspects you need to determine to get close to your calling.

Find out:

  • the core that forms your identity
  • what should be your main and only focus
  • your dreams and desires
  • what drives you and makes you feel fulfilled
  • your passion(s)
  • your talents and skills
  • what’s needed to get started and not let this be a nice program that doesn’t lead to anything actionable

What do you get?

  • A detailed workbook with an easy-to-remember eagle framework
  • Weekly exercises; such as a personality test, reflection questions, brainstorm sessions, etc.

The results

After doing the program, you:

  • will be able to always go back to your core foundation. Making you feel more secure in everything you do
  • know what you dream off
  • are aware of your passions
  • can point out your talents and skills and which ones you want to use in life
  • have the next action steps waiting for you


  • all of this is written down!

Perfect! Now you can never forget what you went through during this process and always revisit what you’re about.

What others say about this program

“Leaving my corporate career behind to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, I wanted to adjust my mindset. This program has been very useful, allowing me to have a well-organized review of my dreams, passion, and competence under a renewed perspective with a focus on soaring to new heights both entrepreneurially and spiritually. In every chapter, God has used one or more of the concepts or questions in the material to speak to me in a meaningful way. It didn’t feel like a course, but rather going through some quality time with God to allow me to understand myself better in His light discovering what His plans are for me at this stage of my life.”

— Malcolm Chiu

“We all go through that phase where we wonder If we are doing what we were meant to do. Are we maximizing our full potential? I know I have been asking myself that question as I changed careers and hoped I wasn’t making a foolish mistake. Having recently completed the “How to find your calling” course it really brought some questions to the forefront of my mind. I definitely said to Jane the timing was perfect. This course did ask questions I had to get comfortable with asking myself, which caused me to evaluate my mindset a well. Things do feel more clearer after completing this course. I definitely have a few more tools to navigate this thing we call life and I do feel like I can soar like an eagle.” 

— Shaniel Walters

“I was having a hard time dreaming. While taking the course I was in a place where my thoughts were very negative about God, myself, and His calling for me. While reading the part about how we are created with specific gifts and talents and how we are all longing to use them I started thinking about the things I like doing. The daily questions about ‘What if…’ was hard for me but it did start some wild ideas in my mind. I loved the different bible verses on our purpose. Would love to do the course again in a couple weeks now that my perspective is more positive.
It also helped me a lot to read that I am not the only one who believes certain lies about my capabilities and qualities. We need each other to call out the gold in each other.”

— Marjolein van Iwaarden


I can’t wait for you to start this journey of finding your calling. Uncovering your talents, skills and dreams. You don’t want to wait longer to grow closer to Him while getting ready to spread you wings and fly, right 😊?!