As believers, we know that God can make us do greater things than we can imagine. He is able to see our full potential and shape us into the person we ought to be. 

Jane, the founder of Born to Fly, has a passion for inspiring people to use their fullest potential. To succeed in their calling in life. To fly in their own, unique way.

The image that suits this concept really well, is the analogy of an eagle.

You could say: we’re born to fly like an eagle.

The eagle speaks to the imagination. It plays a central role in countless legends, poems, songs and folk tales. Also in the Bible the eagle is mentioned over 25 times (by Moses, Isaiah and John for example) to showcase spirituals truths.

An eagle flies to incredible heights. It focuses on the sun, but also on its calling on earth. It’s a magnificent animal that is powerful and beautiful. You can be an eagle.

You can do amazing things.
You are an amazing person!
You possess amazing talents and strengths!
You can also spread your wings and fly!

Our purpose

I believe we’re all called “to fly” in our own way, but we need other like-minded people to get there.

If I ask you what your calling in life is? What would you say?
Many people nowadays don’t have a clue what they want, who they are or what they’re good at. Let alone be aware of what God has called them to do.
We get sucked into society and live up to norms that are not meant for us. That undervalue your personality and talents. That tells you that “this is normal” and you start behaving like it.

It hard to get rid of that understanding.
But luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.

Getting to know yourself is the first and most important step to explore your calling in life. It’s an undeniable truth you can’t get rid off. No matter how obvious or cliche it sounds.

So get inspired!
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Can’t wait to meet you,


The story of existence 

Born to Fly was born out of a desire to bring Christian entrepreneurs and side hustlers together. When I (Jane) moved to Toronto, Canada, I knew no one. Which made me run from network event to network event, meeting amazing people, but when it came to building my business and the struggles that go along with it, there was no one who I could connect with. I was in desperate need for a community with like-minded people for support and encouragement. Online or offline, to me that didn’t matter. Even though my and your church groups were/are amazing, we don’t talk about business there, do we? Peers that I was looking for were people who shared the same faith-based principles, followed Jesus and understood – really understood – what I was going through.

I can shake hands with Jonah

I couldn’t find that place or community with mainly Christian entrepreneurs. As far as I knew, there was no group that I easily could become part of. What now?

Maybe you should start a group yourself? sounded a voice in my head. 

“What? Seriously? Nah-ah, I don’t feel like that AT.ALL!”

It’s true, I didn’t feel like starting a meetup group, or organize network events or whatsoever. I didn’t want to build a community, I was super busy with my own business-stuff. 

Yeah right… 

If God calls you and wants you to do something, He’ll make sure you understand it. 

“Why do I get all these meetup emails? Why is there a how-to-start-your-own-meetup-group ad in my timeline? (I didn’t Google meetup at all)… Oh wait… God, is that You working? Do you really want me to…”


And that’s how I signed up for a Meetup account (that doesn’t exist anymore now) and organized the first meetup. God encouraged me the first time: He gave a great turnout – like 15 people. And then it dropped, but my passion for organizing increased. So I didn’t give up.

And here we are today. After months of exploring I found out that the community is just a small part of what I’m called to do: which is inspiring you to embrace your full potential! And Born to Fly embodies that message perfectly!

So here’s this initiative for you.
To help you to connect to your God-given purpose.
To help you grow.
To teach you how to fly.
Thanks to our wonderful God.