Community Guidelines

We’re all here to honor God by what we do in life and to help each other with pursuing that. Therefore, we need your help to keep this community strong and useful.

These guidelines were created to ensure that together we’re creating a place that’s welcoming, inclusive, and valuable for everyone.

With that in mind, we ask that you keep these principles in mind whenever you are part of a Born to Fly initiative.

First and foremost: Our Values

We want everything we do to be aligned with the Bible (Faith-based)

Making deep connections should be a priority (connection) We go for a deeper layer of connection. We care for others. We show empathy.

Foster growth-either professionally, spiritually or personally (growth) We want to inspire, motivate, and empower you to get somewhere. To start moving, doing! 

We search for the most accessible and easiest way possible (Easily accessible) Nobody should feel left out, we’re very low key and accessible.

Focus on knowledge sharing, not giving out advice.

There are plenty of places where we can dole out our expert opinions. We want to instead foster an environment where healthy debate is encouraged and everyone is celebrated for sharing their questions, stories, and perspectives. Our goal is to tackle big questions and work together to discover all of the potential answers. That can only happen when we are committed to collaboration and true knowledge sharing.

Be respectful.

Please be kind and constructive (and watch your language) whenever you participate in one of our Born to Fly initiatives.

Know the focus.

This is a community for people who want to serve God specifically through business! We’re not a Bible study group or dating platform ;). Please keep that context in mind when you share, and comment valuable insights that will contribute to this goal. If you are violating this guideline by making people feel disrespected or harassed you will be deleted from the group immediately.

Provide context.

We love it when our members share links and resources. If you do, add some commentary or give us some context so that we can understand more about why you care about this particular topic or article.

Please don’t promote.

Feel free to share your knowledge and experiences with the others in this community, but please do not promote yourself or your business when you’re not ask to do so. Spamming, soliciting, or self-promotion will not be tolerated.

Have questions? We’re here.

If you encounter someone violating these guidelines, let us know!