We have a FREE & PREMIUM community for early-stage entrepreneurs 🙂

We can’t do everything alone, obviously.
To travel this road of uncertainty and calling the shots yourself, A.K.A. >> entrepreneurship, is challenging. You shouldn’t want to do it alone. You should want to have a community around you that you can ask questions, get support, and prayer.

We’ve created a place like that. Especially, for people who want to serve God through business.

It’s our goal to bring people together in the best possible way, bearing in mind we strive for deep connections,faith-based approaches, easy accessibility and a growth mindset.

Born to Fly

FREE community

Low on budget but still want some support? Become part of the Born to Fly Community for free.

What do you have to do?

  1. Sign up for our newsletter to receive motivational messages & stay up to date about our ins and outs
  2. Sign up for our monthly event(s) to make new connections with like-minded entrepreneurs

What’s included in your membership?

Monthly newsletter with a devotional and a calendar with events
Monthly online talk&network event
Access to all content on the website, including practical blogs
Access to the Born to Fly Podcast
Invitations to community events and webinars ($)

When signing up, you agree with the community guidelines (see below).


Are you serious about your business? Then the PREMIUM membership is your way in into a community that wants to combine faith and business!

As a group we want to:

Deeply Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
Support each other in the entrepreneurial journey
Collaborate on projects to come to serve God’s Kingdom
Learn & Grow as a person in faith and business

What’s included in your membership?

All of the free membership


  • Bi-weekly newsletters with devotionals and other interesting content for building your business
  • Online community through Mighty Networks // ask, help, support, pray, share all you want in this secured online space
  • Monthly online Mentor Office Hours with Marie-Lucie Spoke (leadership expert) and Lydia Chan (business and marketing expert)
  • Weekly online Social 60 meeting // sharing wins + things you want to be held accountable for. We’ll follow up on those!
  • Monthly online Talk&Network Event focused on a topic + ASK&GIVE. ONLY ACCESSIBLE for premium members (plus you have the opportunity to join the other monthly meet-ups as well, open to everyone, if you like to meet new people)
  • Free webinars hosted by a community member or fly-in expert
  • A profile on our public member page (if desired)
  • The option to host a webinar for the community, to blog for our website, and to get a mention in the newsletter (sent to ALL members)


  • A list of helpful resources to improve your business
  • 10% of every membership fee goes to a charity or cause that you can vote for every year


14.99 USD a month

What do you have to do to become a PREMIUM member?

Go to our online portal and sign up! It’s that easy!

When signing up, you agree with the community guidelines (see below).

Community Guidelines

Click here to read our community guidelines.
If you sign up to be a member, you agree with these guidelines.

Born to Fly started as a small initiative in Toronto. On July 17, 2019 a meetup group called “Christian Entrepreneurs in Toronto” came together for the first time.