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Lisa Ohata
Health & Wellness

I am an enthusiastic wellness practitioner: a certified Health + Transformation Coach, Workplace Wellness Consultant, Speaker, Wife, Mom, and Community Volunteer. The old me has passed away and the new me has come into being. I practice healthy eating; active living for my body, soul and spirit.

My heart has a passion to see wellness in the schools. 

I work with women who are drained and tired of being stuck in a rut. I help them gain energy and clarity so they feel motivated in life again.


Tracy Richards
Ordained minister & Real Estate & Creative

As a Christian Faith Minister and Spiritual Mentor & Counsellor, I have devoted my career to assisting individuals, couples and families on their journey toward personal and spiritual growth. I consider it an honour to be able to support my community during their most important and intimate moments through ceremonies such as welcoming a new life, officiating a wedding, and saying goodbye to a loved one. I’m also blessed to be able to offer counselling and guidance for everything else in between.

I have been teaching and facilitating seminars, retreats and workshops since 1999 and I am equally comfortable speaking in front of large crowds as well as small gatherings. 

I also have a very eclectic and entrepreneurial spirit and I’m always excited to explore new ideas and learn new skills. For instance, I have been writing a personal blog since 2007, became an abstract painter in 2012 and have been investing in real estate since 2008.

If you are interested in having a chat and sharing stories, I’d love to get to know you 🙂

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Trish Walker
Financial Planning





Malcolm Chiu

Malcolm has over 20 years of experience in leading technology and business operations in complex multinational environments in both Asia and North America with a passion and track record of driving changes. 

He has a unique blend of knowledge in technology integration, problem solving techniques and strategic product development with a track record in transforming companies, teams and individuals to break internal barriers and enter new markets. 


Javin Garcia

Nextdev North Limited
Grand Videoke Canada

Dennis Wang
Digital marketing & design


Emily Jane Jose
Financial Planning

Judah Hernandez
Black And White Media

Paul Attaway

Colleen Marie Blackwell

Ksenia Bicheck

Jane Trapman

Creative writer, Author, and Founder Born to Fly