We live in a world that tells us that in order to build a successful business or to climb the corporate ladder or to achieve anything you have to cut corners, work the system or create your own selfish plan. 

However, as Christian entrepreneurs, we are called to be different in all our affairs of life. 

I’ve been studying the life of Daniel and admire his character. He stood his ground
even when his integrity was tested beyond measure.

What exactly is integrity?

Integrity means wholeness, without defect or corruption, honesty, and having a pattern of good works. 

As we study the life of Daniel, we can’t help noticing that if we are reserved to live a life of integrity, guaranteed we will face many difficulties, temptations, and suffering.

Today I want to talk about integrity from three angles.

Source of Integrity: As you read Daniel 6, you notice that the source of Daniel’s integrity was directly linked to his relationship with God. 
Daniel was a man of prayer! He prayed three times a day. He took time out of his busy day to spend time alone with God. Prayer was a daily discipline and joy for him. The first thing we realize is that if we’re going to live a life of integrity, the prayer closet is central

Do you have a daily discipline of spending time alone with God?

Nature of Integrity: As he leaves the prayer closet, he went on to live his daily life of integrity. 
Daniel was a slave in a foreign land yet carried out his work without corruption and negligence (Daniel 6:3-4). He was trustworthy and worked with such diligence that King Darius planned to promote him. His fellow co-workers got jealous and created a law to directly attack Daniel’s prayer life but that did not stop him. 

Can others see your life of integrity as you conduct your affairs? 

Reward for Integrity: Though his coworkers had caused him harm and had him
thrown in a lion’s den, God preserved his life. 
God gave Daniel favor and he was promoted in the kingdom. Above that, a greater reward is a closer walk with God. Daniel now experienced God in a new way. We know the greatest reward we can have is to be with Jesus for eternity having lived for him and his glory. 

Are you looking forward to your reward in heaven?

Whatever our lives may be at this time, let it be said that we are walking in integrity and pleasing Jesus.

Pray with me:

Oh Father, I pray for every reader that we all will live a life of integrity and have one desire to grow in our relationship with you. We commit all our businesses before you and ask you to guide us in all our affairs. 


Trish & Team Born to Fly