“Faith without works is dead.” James 2:17 (NIV)


“Gotta show up.”

This applies to everything.
You can’t build a business without being there. Without working on it.
You can’t maintain a relationship with God if you aren’t checking in often.

You gotta show up.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy.
Going somewhere requires effort.
Choosing a zoom meeting over Netflixing on your couch (or your bed) means putting some desires aside. Hence, effort.

Clearly, effort is a good thing. The bible says:

Faith without works is dead.

Faith isn’t easy. 
Effort isn’t easy.
Having relationships, also with God, isn’t always easy.
Having to work on your business isn’t always easy (or fun).
But you gotta do the work in order to see the fruits. 

Show up today as much as you can.
And do the necessary.
Do it for the glory of God.
Only with persistence will you shape characterform good relationships, and build a firm business.

How does this message apply to you today?

Jane and Team Born to Fly