5 reasons why you need a new website

Everybody knows; your website is your business card. When a potential client visits your website, you want them to feel a connection right away. You want them to have the feeling they can find what they need. And because of it, take action.

But is your website build for such activity?
Is it up to date?
Does it communicate what your business stands for?

Well, do the check!

If either one of these remarks below is true for you, you have enough reasons to (re-)build a new website.

1. Your website is not responsive.

Responsive means that your website adjusts to the device its being show. If it’s responsive everything will function and look well on mobile, laptop or tablet (e.g. nothing is cut off for example). One might debate if responsiveness is still the way to go. Because of the tremendous increase of phone usage business sometimes build different websites specifically designed for phones. It contains a different lay-out and content than for example a desktop website.

In short, if your website is not readable or user-friendly on tablet, smartphone or desktop, then there’s work to do.

2. You’re ashamed to send people to your website

You might have created a website in the dinosaur era of the internet. Besides handing your business card to someone, you knew that a website was required.

Looking at your website today, you feel it’s not the business card you want to give people. You actually don’t want to send potential clients to your website because you are ashamed of what it looks like or how it operates or the information isn’t accurate.

Okay… that’s a problem. You want to impress people and give them the right idea of your company.
Your website needs to convert and obviously, it isn’t doing that.

Perhaps refreshing your website might be the solution!

3. The website doesn’t match your visual brand

Actually your website does look pretty fine. But when looking at it you know it doesn’t match your brand identity anymore. You might have set it up while the business was still only you, but now that you’re an agency the identity has changed. That’s just one example. We change, so our businesses change.

That’s why we rebrand.
And if you want to convince people of working with you, your website has to match your brand story.

Shapes, fonts, colors all have a meaning and contribute to your brand identity and story (see this blog). These factors all influence your potential customer on your website. Make sure they make sense.

4. It’s all about you

You’re happy with your business. You love what you do. What you offer is great and of the best quality. But you don’t have to put that on the forefront. It’s your clients prerogative to draw that conclusion himself/herself. The main goal of your website is not to support your image but to answer the question your potential client has.

What problem do you solve with your product or service?

THAT’S what your target audience is looking for.

So what does your website communicate? Solving your client’s problem or sharing how amazing you and your services are?

5. Your texts are leeeeeeengthy

You got so much to share!
You want to make sure all questions are answered on your website.
But this overload of information actually overwhelms your visitor. A jungle of words isn’t really compelling in our fast paced society.
If your website only shows text after (lengthy) text, you are going to lose your visitor. Which means you just missed out on the opportunity to convert!

Make your message concise.

And alternate with some great pictures or visuals. It will give a different impression.


What’s the status with your website?

Are you satisfied or does it need a change?