Mentors that are available to all PREMIUM members.

Malcolm Chiu
Constraint Discovery, Products & Services Model Analysis, and Personal Assessments

Malcolm has over 20 years of experience in leading technology and business operations in complex multinational environments in both Asia and North America with a passion and track record of driving changes. 

He has a unique blend of knowledge in technology integration, problem solving techniques and strategic product development with a track record in transforming companies, teams and individuals to break internal barriers and enter new markets. 


  • Discovery of internal constraints and competitive analysis
  • Review of product and service offering for refinement in revenue model 
  • Personal assessment of internal barriers and breakthrough potentials

Elizabeth Oates
Sales & customer journey expert

Elizabeth Oates is a strategic financial executive with experience that ranges from global leadership to local management in complex and challenging situations.

Having over 20 years of comprehensive financial service experience, she uses a pragmatic approach to drive business outcomes and build teams across customer journeys, customer relationship management & analytics, sales management, incentives and digital transformation.  

Elizabeth is a progressive thinker and has a passion to empower others while making businesses successful.  


  • Business Planning: How to fund or plan financially in your business, reviewing the current business model to adapt for the future, identify new ways to make revenue
  • Redefining your mission & vision
  • Target Marketing & Multi Channel Digital Contact Strategies for Clients
  • Customer Experience & Customer Journeys
  • Guide you through difficult questions you may be struggling with.

Devonia DeBeck
Mindset expert

With a fire in her belly for starting her own business, Devonia left a lucrative corporate career in executive search consulting for her love for homes and design and launched her first entrepreneur business in real estate. On her journey she realized her real love was creating beautiful homes. 

From there she launched her second business in interior decorating and home staging. 

Devonia also found herself always championing people to build a business so that they could change their life, thus adding life coaching to her portfolio. Devonia coaches clients on how to find the thoughts and beliefs that are blocking them from successfully achieving their personal and business goals.


If you are finding it difficult to make a permanent shift from where you are to where you want to go with your goals, consider hiring a call!

  • Help you work through the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back
  • Helping shape your purpose
  • Intentionally plan, respond and live in alliance with your, ‘New Me Evolution.’
  • Explore how to stick the landing of your goals and avoid imposter syndrome

Lydia Chan
Marketing expert

Prior to being an entrepreneur, Lydia’s career was shaped through many roles in the corporate and charity sectors in Canada, United States and Hong Kong. Aside from establishing a solid track record in revenue generation, Lydia was known by her colleagues as a strategic thinker, a strong leader and a real marketer. Her professional journey includes experience in product marketing, brand management, advertising, international joint ventures, donor acquisition and retention, cross-cultural collaboration and team development.  

One of the two key themes in her previous careers was the role of a trailblazer, which gave her many opportunities to navigate new paths, set up operations in international markets, develop new products and revenue streams. The other theme is coaching and mentorship, which gives her great joy. 

Like Moses, Joseph, David and many others, she believes that God still leads and uses every chapter of our lives as preparation for His call. The creation of We Are One Network is a response to follow His leading, which combined obedience and the convergence of different areas of knowledge and skill sets developed over the last couple of decades. 

Ephesians 2:10 (ESV) For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.


  • Business planning
  • Marketing (identifying target market, contact strategies, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.)
  • (Re)defining mission & vision
  • Developing teams including recruitment process, training, retention and restructuring 

Marie-Lucie Spoke
Leadership expert

Marie-Lucie is now the Director of Development at LeaderImpact. She delivers online Women & Leadership workshops to raise the engagement of women in leadership situations. With 10 years of experience in training, Marie-Lucie helps individuals and groups increase their leadership capacity, expand their area of influence and set higher goals for themselves as individuals and professionals.  

Marie-Lucie (BA in political science and an MA in Administration) was a member of Foreign Affairs Canada (now Global Affairs) until her family expanded. Along with her husband, she raised 3 sons mostly overseas as she has lived in Peru, Guatemala, Brazil, China and now Toronto. In Brazil, in 1990, Marie-Lucie initiated charity projects on her own. In Canada, in 1998, she led a non-profit organization, comprising more than 600 volunteers, hosting some 20,000 people at one of the yearly events. In 2006, she returned to Shanghai, China, where she opened a consulting company. The purpose of the company was to provide education sponsorships to underprivileged children by creating corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs for multinational companies operating in China. 


  • By offering support when faced with challenges, confusion or failures
  • By bringing clarity to a situation
  • Key decision making
  • Creating strategies
  • By helping prepare for difficult conversations
  • By helping to identify and navigate organization dynamics
  • By discussing life goals and life skills
  • Take action on a priority basis
  • Any other leadership related issues